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All these “My first Job” posts make me



All these “My first Job” posts make me think of plugs in my ears!

I remember being in high school and NOT wanting to work at all. I mean who wants to work when you can play with your friends, ride around and just be goofy. During the first 3 years of high school I felt my time was much better spent playing guitar, skating with my friends or trying to take some girl out on a date.

Thinking about it now… I was pretty entrepreneurial and aware of my surroundings. All of the “My first Job” posts made me ask myself “when did I feel the need to create and make money?” I was an art kid and a musician… but I wasn’t as eager to go out and “work” for my money as I was eager to go out and skate.

Remember the “spacers” or “plugs” in our ears some of us had between the ages of 13-18? Well… I was stretching my ears like every punk kid was but I wanted to also make sure that at some point down the road my ears would grow back (I recently took the plugs out and there are still little holes haha) I remember being so concious about how they looked and how often I strethced them. One night we had a stretching and piercing party at a friends house and it ended up being my clinic. Kids were spending a lot of money on these things and some were saving lunch money to buy new spacers or getting a new lip ring or something like that.

One day I was out at the hot topic in granite run mall with a few friends all gawking over the newest and coolest spacers that cost WAY to much money. The idea hit me that if my friends are going to spend $30 on wooden spacers why shouldn’t I see that money. So over the next few months I bought maybe 40 feet worth of wooden dowels, some paint, some “O” rings and a coating (that wouldn’t harm the skin). I made probably close to 4 grand in about 4 months just by seeing that there was a need.

Looking back at it now I should have had a website and gotten others on board, maybe formed a partnership with some of the tattoo/piercing shops etc… but nonetheless the entrepreneurial spirit was starting to form and work its way out.

I believe it’s inside of all of us…. sometimes it takes us being witnesses to a common need or encouragement from someone around you. Ask yourself… do you see a common need you can tackle or how about being that encouragement to someone else.


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